Extending TaffyDB

TaffyDB is easy to extend. Simply use the extend method to add a new method to all TaffyDB collections on your page.

Here is an example that creates an "avg" method that takes a column and returns the avg value.

// Create a new empty database
TAFFY.extend("avg",function (c) {
	// This runs the query or returns the results if it has already run
           results: this.getDBI().query(this.context())
    // setup the sum
    var total = 0;
    // loop over every record in the results and sum up the column.
    TAFFY.each(this.context().results,function (r) {
		total = total + r[c];
    // divide the total by the number of records and return
    return total/this.context().results.length;

What can you build?