1. Good grief. Just tuned into Judge Gorsuch hearings and the question was : would you rather fight 100 duck size horses or 1 horse size duck?

  2. This seems pretty cool. A digital take anywhere library. 

  3. Something to remember when you run up against the mental obstacles that keep you from from telling a good story with your life.

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  4. This is one of the saddest things I've read. And that's in 2017 so that's saying a lot. 

  5. Welcome to spring traffic in Seattle. Actually never mind, traffic so bad can't get to Seattle.

  6. I just lost on CloseTheBox for iOS! The probability is so low... will you close the box? 

  7. This is a protest I can get behind.

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  8. Those that live in glass houses, and get in water ballon fights, can't tell which sides of the windows are wet.

  9. World ends today at 5:30. We'll have more at 11.

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  10. Conversations in Seattle: -I'm busy. -I'm busy too! -I'm committed to more unfulfilling activities at opposite ends of the city than you!

  11. Shut the Box - a brown bag game review with the kids 

  12. I believe our political leaders have two kinds of power over us. 

  13. Shut the Box - a brown bag game review with the kids 

  14. Attention McDonalds: if you are going to serve breakfast all day you should at least start lunch earlier.

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    Classic "Risk" strategy: invade Australia first.

  16. @muzach Yep, they are all using Twilio or something similar to detect answering machines which comes with a delay. They have to cover.

  17. "Hi, sorry, problem with my headset" - now commonly said telemarketers to explain away the delay between pickup and matching to the rep.

  18. Today's Children's Museum Fatality Level Is : low